My Completely Unnecessary Walt Disney World To-Do List

In mid-March I will be traveling to Walt Disney World with my best friend, Summer. Now that we have less than 60 days until departure, I have so much to do in so little time!

To be completely honest most of the things I need to do are totally impractical but it sure beats real life stuff (studying, exams, cleaning, bathing, etc)! What follows is all the ridiculous things I want to buy/make/do to complete my Disney experience.

1. Make a Personalized Water Bottle

Of course I need to stay hydrated and only a loser would walk around Disney World with a boring plain water bottle. As a plus, I can use this all-year round as long as I don’t mind being known as “That Disney girl.” Truthfully, I probably already am.

2. Decorate My Magic Band

This is so easy! It’s just temporary tattoos. I can do this. I can totally do this.

Unless I can’t. Then I will do this with the help of Etsy.

3. Shop for Clothes I Will Never Buy

I NEED this shirt because I would rather be a mermaid! That sounds wonderful! Just swimming all day with the fishies, flipping around, playing with forks and stuff. Unfortunately I am morally opposed to spending $30 for a glorified tank top so this is just not meant to be. But that won’t stop me from spending hours on Etsy looking for more shirts like this!

4. Practicing my Disney Nail Art

I can practice for a million years and I could still never do this. Maybe I could get my left hand to look semi-decent, but my right hand would never get painted. When I am rich, I am going to hire a personal nail artist to do stuff like this.

Or this.

For right now I’ll stick to perfecting my Mickey silhouettes. There’s no way I could screw up something like this:

Only time will tell!

5. Perfect the Elsa Braid

Also grow my hair out another 6 inches. And dye it blonde. And be a Disney princess. Then I will be ready for my vacation!


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