Whatever Happened to the White Bagel Chips in Chex Mix?: My Quest to Discover the Truth

The other day I was sitting in my bed, watching Friends on Netflix, scrolling through Pinterest for the ultimate Valentines Day joke present, and eating some Chex Mix. The quintessential 21st century multitasking. As I stuffed handful after handful of delicious salty party snacks into my mouth I had a life-altering moment of clarity.

Where the hell are the white bagel chips????

I was immediately teleported through time back to the year 2003. I sat in my grandmother’s green and white plaid recliner watching PB&J Otter with a big bowl of Chex Mix. There were definitely white bagel chips.

Flash forward to middle school. My mother brings home a large party size bag of Chex Mix to put in my lunches. I secretly steal the bag and hide out in my room, picking out all the white bagel chips and leaving everything else.

A flash of light and I am in high school. Standing in the courtyard with my friends. We’re throwing the rye chips at each other, because no one wants to eat the bitter, dense chips. We greedily keep the crisp, light, white bagel chips for ourselves.

Now I am back in my dorm room, mouth agape, wondering How could I have missed this?

There had to have been some logical explanation for such a thing. I knew the answer was somewhere out there. I quickly took my inquiries to the world wide web and typed this pressing issue into everyone’s favorite magical search genie: Bing.

My first result was a Yahoo Answers Question posted four years ago.

What happened to the bagel chips in the chex mix bag?

I don’t know how long they’ve been missing, but I realized it today that they were missing. What happened to them?
No one had an answer. But my attention was brought to this Facebook page.
It was comforting to know that I was not the first to notice this travesty. Or that this wasn’t a well-played conspiracy against me. But something still didn’t feel right.
My next search result was a ask reddit thread with the same question. One user had an idea:

[–]ImGettingLoudWithYou1 point2 months ago

Did they replace them with those short tasteless breadsticks?

[–]ktempo[S] 1 point2 months ago

both of them were in packages, so I don’t think they replaced them with anything.. just got rid of them 😐

Chumps! Breadsticks have been a staple for as long as I can remember. Have these people even had a bag of Chex Mix in the past decade?

But one important piece of information came from this thread: the timestamp. This question was asked only two months ago! It’s been over four years of this bull and we still don’t have an answer!

One thing is clear though:

General Mills has something to hide.

But what could it be?

Colleen hypothesized that the white bagel chips were not actually made from bagels, but rather from a strange plant/animal hybrid that has since gone extinct.

I think Colleen is bonkers.

But that still doesn’t answer the questions I have burned into the back of my mind, keeping me awake long into the night.

I will solve this puzzle. I will find peace of mind. I will not rest this case until I know the truth!

To be continued….


13 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to the White Bagel Chips in Chex Mix?: My Quest to Discover the Truth

  1. Gary says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I’m so glad you confirmed my mysterious question about the white bagel chips, but did not confirm what happened to them. As an avid Chex mix fan this question has been racking my mind for years. Please get to the bottom of this so I can have peace o mind and die satisfied.

  2. Kristy says:

    I have noticed this for quite some time now. As I sit here and eat this bold party mix I am seriously missing those little chips! We MUST find out what has happened to our beloved.

  3. HerMother says:

    Agreed! I noticed just the other day myself & was HIGHLY disappointed as that little “bagel chip” was the best party of the “mix”, in my opinion. Asking Google the same question I came across this thread myself lol I’ve gotta know why! Haha or maybe they will read all the complaints I’m sure they receive & put then back.

  4. crumplyenvelope says:

    I niticed it in 2008 and quickly wrote the the company vomplaining about the missing bagel chips and the different flavoring on the Bold Party Blend. They wrote me back appologizing about the flavor change and saying they were going to change it back to the original Bold flavoring but completely neglected to acknowledge that the bagel chips where gone too. 😦

  5. Noah Davis says:

    So I too have been faithfully eating chex mix since I was a young kid, and my family always liked the white chips. I do remember somebody telling me that they got rid of them because they were super unhealthy. They were like unnaturally white and kinda bleached looking to be honest. I think they just decided to scrap them to make chex mix healthier and also probably more convenient to produce. Not sure if this is accurate, but we did notice almost immediately after they got rid of them, and I remember getting that answer shortly after. Makes sense to me. And actually I think the rye ones taste better anyway.

  6. Tommy McClellan says:

    Ok it’s 2018 and we still don’t know what happened to the Great White Bagel Chip of years past. We need answers.

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