Tips for Epcot


Epcot is so much bigger than I ever anticipated. I literally got to the end of Future World and thought “Okay that was nice.” But then realized there was the entire world left to see. Even though there isn’t that many actual rides, there is still so much to look at and more importantly, eat! Make sure you give yourself enough time in the park to fully enjoy it!


March to mid-May is the International Flower and Garden Festival. I never figured out what that meant exactly but the entire park was covered with amazing Disney topiaries, which was pretty cool.


My girls.






Don’t be fooled by the pavilion stores. Sure some of them offer special products that you wouldn’t normally find in the US, such as Kinder products and Root Beer gummy bears at the German pavilion. I passed on the Studio Ghibli products at the Japanese pavilion because I’m sure I could find the same items in Little Tokyo. Although I suppose if you’re from Dirt-Road, Oklahoma you are not conveniently located to any Little Tokyo areas. However, at the English pavilion, they sold Twinings tea. I’m sorry, don’t pretend that is some fancy English tea that I couldn’t just buy at my local grocery store. And don’t pretend that my hotel room didn’t come with complementary Twinings tea either. What I’m saying is, don’t think everything in the pavilion stores is exclusive items that you must buy!


If you go to the Coca-Cola store, pass on the Flavors from Around the World thing. I don’t know what is wrong with the rest of the world, but they have terrible taste in soda. It’s remarkable how many different sodas can taste like stomach bile.


There are not many big ticket rides, so don’t worry about FastPass+. But if you want to ride Test Track then that should definitely be one of the FastPasses!


Go early! You should note that World Showcase opens a little later than the rest of the park though. When we went we did half of the World Showcase before lunch, went back to the hotel for a break and walked through the second half before dinner. Let me just say the park was much more enjoyable in the early afternoon when there was way fewer people. This seems like a pretty obvious observation but I would recommend getting a good tour of the World Showcase early in the day before the masses arrive.

Gotta love those geotags.

Gotta love those geotags.


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