Tips for Food at Walt Disney World

Mmm, food. The best part of any vacation is the food. For our trip we were on the Disney Dining Plan. Every day we had 1 snack credit, 1 quick-service credit, and 1 table service credit. At first I was a little worried because whenever I go to Disneyland I end up eating about four snacks (pretzel, frozen banana, churro, and Dole whip: all your major food groups).

But have no fear folks! The Disney Dining Plan is plenty of food. Since lunch and dinner meals always come with dessert whether using a quick-service or table-service credit, you won’t be craving ice cream at all hours of the day. I found that I was never actually hungry during the vacation since I was constantly eating.

Now I will detail all our dining experiences briefly. I apologize for the lack of photos. My mind goes blank when food is placed in front of me and I won’t remember to take photos until the food has moved from my plate to my stomach and all over my lap.
Also it should be mentioned that I am probably not the best authority of quality of food. Turns out I am a very picky eater and I will always choose chicken nuggets if given the option. Or a salad. This is why McDonald’s and Souplantation are my favorite places to eat.


Art of Animation Food Court (Art of Animation Resort): My parents one complaint with our hotel was the food court. It was pretty average food and very reminiscent of my college’s cafeteria, both of which have a DIY Pasta Station. It was nice to have when we arrived starving the first night at 9:00 PM but slowly lost its appeal throughout the week. While the food court offered some diversity with pizza, pasta, burgers and whatnot, I think the parks offer better quick-service options.

Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom): The only stressful part of the vacation planning was Be Our Guest. Summer and I immediately logged onto My Disney Experience at exactly 180 days before to make dinner reservations for Be Our Guest. I sat in the quiet section of the library frantically muttering to myself, “This crappy website won’t load!” but we had secured reservations! Unfortunately a few weeks later we realized we had made reservations on the one day we wouldn’t be able to go to the Magic Kingdom. Whoops. And by that time reservations were completely gone. Double whoops.

The infamous grey stuff.

The infamous grey stuff.

I knew how much Summer wanted to go to this restaurant so I read every blog I could find about eating at Be Our Guest. The newest eatery at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is open for a table-service dinner by reservation only but has a stand-by line for lunch, which is considered a quick-service meal. As of February 25th, you can also make reservations for lunch! I was lucky enough to nab one of those reservations and Summer is now forever indebted to me.

Authentic French Cuisine

Authentic French Cuisine

Lunch at Be Our Guest is actually pretty cool because you get to choose which room you want to sit in. My mother, Summer and I had the Carved Turkey Sandwich while my dad had the Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich. I think we would all agree the food was good but not incredible. The appeal of the restaurant comes from getting to dine in the Beast’s castle. Summer was thrilled because she finally got to try the “Grey Stuff.” I’m told the grey stuff is just whipped cream but I didn’t want to take any chances.

This also happened to be the day I got doped up on Dramamine so the cool temperature and dim lighting made an ideal place to promptly fall asleep!

Columbia Harbor House (Magic Kingdom): I was having a difficult time choosing between fish ‘n chips and chicken nuggets until I realized this restaurant offered a plate that was both fried fish AND chicken nuggets! Literally, a dream come true! I thought this was a satisfying meal full of delicious fried food that is vital to an efficient and busy day in the park!

Rosie’s All American Café (Hollywood Studios): I had been craving a corn dog all day, but as soon as I saw this restaurant offered chicken nuggets I refused to eat anywhere else. You really can’t go wrong with chicken nuggets.

Restaurantosaurus (Animal Kingdom): We chose this restaurant because my dad really wanted a hot dog and Restaurantosaurus had Mac N Cheese Hot Dogs! What could be better?! I have no idea because I got the Bacon Cheeseburger. It was the most delicious cheeseburger I had ever had but I think I was starving and also very dehydrated so my senses might have been a little warped. Also, if someone could tell my how to correctly pronounce the name of this restaurant, it would be very much appreciated.


Chefs de France (Epcot): We came here for lunch on our first day in the parks. I consider myself a connoisseur of French onion soups, but I found this one to be a little bland so I mostly ate the cheese and bread topping. My mom and Summer said the lobster bisque was delicious. I ordered the quiche, which was delicious, while everyone else ordered the croque-monsiuer AKA a grilled cheese. For dessert my dad and I ordered the sorbet trio while my mom and Summer ordered the crème brulee. Both of the desserts were delicious and I would have eaten it all but I was completely stuffed! Overall, I would say we had a very solid meal. Although I think my favorite part was trying to eavesdrop on the waiters conversations using the two semesters of College French I have under my belt. I was totally unsuccessful.


Yay for dessert!

Biergarten (Epcot): I chose this restaurant for two reasons: 1. Summer and I thoroughly enjoy saying “Biergarten” in a thick German accent. 2. My family loves German food and I thought my dad would get a little more excited if he knew there was more than just Mickey Mouse pancakes on the horizon.

The whole restaurant was a buffet, which was wonderful because I love German side dishes but I am not a huge heavy meat eater. Everything was delicious! Even if you don’t want to fill up on the vegetables, you have to at least try a little bit of the tomatoes and beets. I don’t think anyone has ever referred to beets as delicious, but trust me when I say they were great!

My only issue with Biergarten is being seated with another family, following the Oktoberfest theme. It was hardly an issue since the other family was very unfriendly and wanted nothing to do with us, but I just found it strange. Were we supposed to become friends? Did we miss out on a valuable authentic German experience?

Ohana (Polynesian Resort): Located in the beautiful Polynesian Resort, Ohana is not a restaurant you want to miss! The meal is served family style, which each course coming to your table right after another. At dinner, you start off with Coconut-Pineapple Bread. I was so hungry I didn’t even wait for the waitress to bring the butter, but the bread was yummy with or without it! Then we were brought a salad, dumplings (really more like potstickers) and chicken wings. I could’ve eaten the salad and dumplings all night long, they were so delicious! As the dinner progresses, skewers full on shrimp, chicken and beef are brought around to each table. The shrimp was delicious but I could’ve passed on the chicken and beef. I’m just not a huge meat eater. I would definitely call this one of the better dinners!

Cítricos (Grand Floridian Resort): Obviously Cítricos is a beautiful and hella classy restaurant as it is located in the Grand Floridian, the hub of all things classy (and expensive). All of the food looked delicious. Unfortunately I decided to be adventurous and ordered the Swordfish, even though I hardly eat seafood (remember when I said I was a picky-eater?) Maybe my palette was just not refined enough for the meal but I just wasn’t a fan. There were too many fancy words on the menu so I couldn’t really tell how it would taste. I only recognized the word “couscous” but the fish and couscous were cooked in a….red sauce? I’m not sure how to describe it but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The desserts were beautiful! I ordered the gelato trio which was the cutest dessert I had ever seen! And since I hardly ate my main course, I was the only one to finish all of my dessert! Priorities! And our iced teas came with Mickey Mouse silly straws. Even a classy as hell restaurant can appreciate the beauty of silly straws.



Loving this yellow restaurant lighting.

Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club Resort): I had a minor miscalculation with the meal plan so we ended up with only enough credits for two meals at the Yachtsman on our last night. This worked out well because Summer and I are not big steak eaters (Is there anything I will eat??) and we just ordered random items from the appetizers and side menu. I filled up on the onion bread rolls served with roasted garlic and butter because, yum. I ordered the lobster bisque and The Land salad. Remember when I said I don’t like seafood? Well the lobster bisque was still delicious! And the salad was probably the best salad I’ve ever had. It had fresh strawberries and little candied walnuts(I think?) and some creamy stuff schmeered onto the plate which I realized at the end of the meal had been brie all along. Wow, now I am very hungry and need a salad. We only ordered two desserts, which was still plenty! We ordered the crème brulee and sorbet trio. Hmm, I just realized that I must really love trios of ice cream-like desserts. I guess everything is better in threes, right?


Tuna Tartare, said in a snobby French accent

IMG_6332Wow, I am so sorry for the terrible quality of these photos.


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