Tips for the Art of Animation Hotel


Located in the Animal Kingdom resort area, the Art of Animation is the newest addition to the Walt Disney Resort. One of the Value resorts, Art of Animation was definitely our cheapest option, but I would highly recommend this resort, even if you weren’t bringing along 5 young children.

I’m not going to lie, this resort is definitely meant for small children with the themed rooms and pools. However, Summer and I realized that this was not an issue because our interests are pretty on par with an 8 year-old. We had no problem with the Finding Nemo pool or the abundance of Cars statues to take photos with.









Art of Animation has its own set of buses to each park, which means you will get to the parks quickly and efficiently! Buses come every 20 minutes but I don’t think we ever waited longer than 10 minutes for a bus heading to the parks. Returning to the hotel was a bit of an issue, especially when you’re heading back right after the fireworks end, along with everyone else. But what did you expect? Stop following the crowd like a little sheeple. Grow a backbone.


The pools are awesome. The hotel has three although the Finding Nemo pool is the central one. We had not intended to actually go into the pool, but it was literally the most refreshing experience I’ve ever had.



The food court is just an average food court. The food isn’t terrible but you might find yourself wishing for a delicious late night snack. And you won’t find it there.


Every night Art of Animation screens a different movie at the Finding Nemo pool. My complaint is not with the actual activity, but instead with the movie selection. When we arrived we caught the tail-end of Big Hero 6 and I thought, “Wow, this is dope! Let’s do this!” However, after looking at the schedule, Big Hero 6 was the only watchable movie they were playing that week. The Goofy Movie?? Seriously? I understand The Goofy Movie is a classic with such unforgettable hits as “Stand Out” but that would be completely lost on the younger generation! That is a movie for people my age! And trust me, there were not many college-aged people running around the Finding Nemo pool.

We will be your 5 year old children.

Except for these cool kids.

Which room should you stay in?

Our first night at the resort, Summer and I had to wait up for the staff to deliver our luggage at 4 AM (read about that fiasco here) so we had some time to prowl the hotel.

Obviously we didn’t go into the rooms of each building but based on theme alone I would name the Cars area as the winner. The outside of our room looked exactly like Radiator Springs. The room décor was themed but not overly tacky. It was subtler than just a shower curtain with a still from the Little Mermaid.


The Finding Nemo area is moderately decorated and has a small (read: very small) play area for small children.


Both the Finding Nemo and Cars areas are very close to the main lobby and therefore very close to food, transportation and the gift shop. All necessary for survival.

As for the Lion King and The Little Mermaid areas, well, I don’t know how to put this delicately.

It was as though Satan was in charge of decorating a resort for children.

Is this not terrifying????

Maybe it was just because we were walking around at 3 AM completely alone but I found this resort area to be the special kind of scary reserved for sick, twisted nightmares. Also I should mention that I have an irrational fear of animated figures and large statues of cartoon characters. It’s kind of an issue at Disney parks. The amount of times they’ve had to stop the Winnie the Pooh ride because of my blood-curdling screams is little embarrassing.

So in short, stay in one of the Cars rooms because they are convenient and dope looking. And don’t stay at The Little Mermaid or The Lion King unless you like to have vivid nightmares featuring 30 foot tall King Triton’s and his scary nipples, I mean eyes. Freudian slip.


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