Tips for the Magic Kingdom



The best time to go on rides is during the parades and fireworks. Don’t forget to see the Electrical Parade and Wishes at least once, but if you’ll be returning to the Magic Kingdom at night use this golden hour to ride the more popular rides. During this time we walked onto Splash Mountain and Peter Pan and it was glorious.


That being said, don’t miss out on the interactive queues! The whole reason we wanted to go on Peter Pan was to see the new interactive queue, but had to rush through it since there was no line. You can walk through the Darling’s home and play with Tinkerbell and her pixie dust! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It sure does! But I still don’t think it’s worth the normal 80 minute long wait. So it’s a little bit of a Catch-22 I suppose.


Make Seven Dwarves Mining Train one of your FastPass+ reservations. I mean, if you want to ride the Magic Kingdom’s newest ride. I thought it was a great ride. The animatrons animatronics scary cartoon robots were great and adorable. This roller-coaster was the smoothest roller-coaster I’ve ever ridden. But it was short. Maybe about a minute or two long. I would have been furious if I waited 90 minutes, the usual wait time, for such a short ride. Luckily we used our FastPass+ and waited about five minutes, so I could fully appreciate the ride.


You can take photos in front of the castle during Celebrate the Magic! This is the show where different scenes are projected onto the castle. It definitely makes for a less conventional castle photo. Just don’t let your collarbone get a mind of it’s own and try to be the star of the photo.


That damn collarbone. Always has to be the center of attention.

Get photos of the castle from all angles. Too many people in front of the castle? Try the side bridge areas. There are usually fewer people around those areas so you could get a human-free shot of the castle.


Be Our Guest should be the first reservations you make. I don’t care what your excuse is because there are NO excuses. If you want to dine at this restaurant, you need to make these reservations the very moment you can! And don’t think you’ll just wait stand-by for the lunch unless you want to wait in line for an hour for mediocre theme park food. Trust me, it’s not worth it.


Use the Rapunzel themed bathrooms. You’ll notice near New Fantasyland a beautifully decorated area inspired by Tangled and you’ll think “Wow, what Tangled attraction is over there!” It’s bathrooms. Just bathrooms. But they’re so cute you can’t help but feel a sudden urge to pee when you walk by!


If only my school put this much effort in the bathrooms.



Oh hi crane. Nice to see you again.


Have you ever been this excited to see a fake castle before?


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