DIY Fourth of July Shoes


Well this month I’ve convinced myself to start blogging again but I know how I can be. I’ll write a few posts, run out of ideas and burnout and then write some really lazy posts until I stop all together. So this month I’m just going to start with lazily written posts. That way I won’t tire as quickly! What a perfectly reasonable decision I have made! This weekend is the 4th of July! Summer and I have a tradition of matching on this tacky patriotic holiday. As a rule, I don’t wear primary colors. I think it makes me look like a Fisher-Price toy.

So whenever Independence Day comes along, Summer and I try to DIY our own piece of Americana. This year we painted some shoes.  Summer already wrote a how-to on this project because she has more motivation than I do. But I promise this post will be snarkier than hers. So it’s all about what you’re looking for in DIY post. Materials: (I copied this from Summer because as I mentioned earlier, I’m lazy) IMG_0922

  • White Canvas Shoes (Walmart, $6)
  • Cheap washi tape or thin painters tape for red & white stripes (Michael’s, 99¢)
  • Star stickers, you’re just using these as a stencil so the colors don’t matter! (Michael’s, 99¢)
  • Red & Blue Multi- Surface paint, make sure it’s good for fabrics! (Michael’s 99¢ each)
  • Red & Blue ribbon, this is optional but really makes your shoes pop! (Michael’s, $1.99 each)
  • Paintbrushes

Step 1: Unlace your knock-off Keds and spend too much time deciding which shoe should be the stars and which should be the stripes. Is it from my point of view when I’m wearing the shoes? Or from the point of view of other people??? I just ended up doing what Summer did. IMG_5094 Step 2: Using the washi tape, make stripes on your stripe shoe. If you’ve forgotten what the American flag looks like because your state capital flies the confederate flag, then here is a picture for reference.

Carefully paint the untaped parts of the shoe with the red paint. If you’re really thinking, you might tape off the rubber parts of your shoe as well. I wasn’t thinking so I did not do that! IMG_5095 Step 3: Place the star stickers on the other shoe, in what ever pattern appeals to you. You can put all 50 stars, but I would not recommend it. I only placed 25 stars for the 25 states that actually matter. I’m looking at you, Iowa. I’ll start respecting you when you give us something more than corn. Paint the blue being careful not to shift the star stickers. IMG_5096 Step 4: Remove the tape and stickers before the paint dries. IMG_5097 Step 5: Once your shoes are completely dry, lace ’em up! Step 6: Put them on and hit the town! Be careful not to let any patriots drunk on American pride throw up all over your sweet new kicks! Seriously though, these shoes came out so well that Summer and I might decorate shoes for every US holiday. Stay tuned for our Senior Citizens Day shoes! xoxo Sarah


One thought on “DIY Fourth of July Shoes

  1. summerdoesthings says:

    Reblogged this on summer does things and commented:
    Here is Sarah’s version of our DIY Patriotic Keds. As promised hers is much funnier and way more hilarious and I legit lol’d. So from now on I’m just going to re post all the blogs that she does because they are far superior to mine.

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