BFF Disneybounding: Rapunzel & Elsa

On Friday's I don't work and Summer doesn't have school. It's our one day a week that we actually get to hang out. We do all kinds of things. We eat yummy food, we go shopping and....sometimes we get bored. And like all healthy, mature adults, when we get bored, we play dress up. But … Continue reading BFF Disneybounding: Rapunzel & Elsa


21 Things I’m Learning as a 21 Year Old

I am officially a twenty-something! And like every twenty-something before me, I can safely say that I have totally figured out this whole life thing. Well, I mean I get what I should be doing but actually doing it is a whole other bag of cats. Here are the 21 lessons I am teaching myself … Continue reading 21 Things I’m Learning as a 21 Year Old