BFF Disneybounding: Rapunzel & Elsa


On Friday’s I don’t work and Summer doesn’t have school. It’s our one day a week that we actually get to hang out. We do all kinds of things. We eat yummy food, we go shopping and….sometimes we get bored.

And like all healthy, mature adults, when we get bored, we play dress up.

But not just any kind of dress up. We are avid Disneybounders and the revoking of our Disneyland privileges has not lessened our love for the art form. So we decided to dress up and take photos in my backyard, because, why not?


I bought these dresses from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls. People are always hating on Kohls, but come on, look at these dresses! I literally bought each for $25 and they are nice dresses. And we look so freaking cute.


We thought the pink dress made an excellent Rapunzel or Aurora disneybound while the blue dress was perfect for Cinderella from the new movie or Elsa. We used the crowns to signify the different princesses.


All of the crowns were handmade by Summer. Except for the Elsa crown which was from the Disney store. (It’s a child’s crown). But isn’t that amazing? I don’t think I’ve ever made anything that beautiful. Except for when I made myself into the stunning women you see before you, that was all me. You can check our her blog here and her etsy store here. 


It should be noted that it was about 90 degrees outside and we were taking photos for about 3 hours. We were mildly delirious by the end and Summer and I started to think we actually were princesses. Summer immediately broke out into song about she wants adventure in the great, wide somewhere and I fell asleep on the grass.


Thank you for scrolling through this post that was essentially an excuse for me to post cute pictures of myself. But it’s not as bad as a selfie, because it’s art.



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