DIY Disneyland 60th Anniversary Inspired Canvas Shoes

If you haven’t been living under a rock (or in the Midwest) for the past four months you might have noticed this summer is Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. As of June I no longer have a way to get into Disneyland so I channeled my infinite sadness into something creative. I made these Disney inspired shoes with nothing more than a few craft supplies around the house. As well as my abundant tears.IMG_0048


  • White Canvas Shoes — Bought mine from Payless for about $15
  • Blue, Silver and Sparkly All-Purpose Paints or any paint that can be used on fabric
  • Q-tips
  • Sparkly Shoelaces or Ribbon — I bought my shoelaces from Amazon


Kindly ignore the glue and crystals that I originally intended to use before my laziness got the best of me.

Step 1: Remove the original laces from the shoes. Even if you decide to use those, you don’t want to accidentally get paint on them.

Step 2: Now is the most important part and we’re only on step 2. Woowee this is a doozy! You’re going to prep a q-tip for each color to make the easiest and most efficient Mickey ears. Leave one end as is, but start de-fluffing the other end. Remove enough cotton to create a smaller, rounded end.


For the untrained q-tip-ologist this process takes quite a bit of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to throw many q-tips away. Unless you are very conscious of consumer waste. In which case you probably shouldn’t be so into useless crafts to begin with.


Step 3: Dip the larger end of the q-tip in the fabric paint. Firmly and evenly press the q-tip onto scrap material to create one even circle. Repeat with the smaller end of the q-tip twice to create the ears. Practice until your Mickey head’s are perfect, or the very least passable.

Step 4: Turn your practicing into the real deal. I started by making all the main circles first in blue then in silver, randomly dotting by paying attention to spacing. It’s stressful, but I believe in you.


Step 5: Add the cute little ear dots. Don’t frick things up now.

IMG_0889Step 6: After the paint has completely dried add a touch of sparkle with the sparkle paint. Lace up your sweet kicks with sparkle shoelaces or sparkly ribbon. I couldn’t find a decent width ribbon so I ordered these laces from Amazon for about $5. They’re very cute but too waaay too long.

And you’re done!


Go now! Frolic down Main St, through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle straight to Fantasyland. Buy a balloon! Eat a churro! Wait two hours to see girls you went to high school with dressed as princesses!

Just know the whole time I will be hating you. Because I CAN’T DO ANY OF THAT.

Xoxo Sarah



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