Disneybound Days: Evil Queen

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Hey mom blog readers,

After I dyed my hair purple my friend Erin said to me “You have to do an Evil Queen Disneybound now!” Well Erin, I have only one word for you…


Emily and I planned a final Disney trip before her pass expires. *sobs* I mentioned thinking of doing an Evil Queen Disneybound and she said she had a great Snow White one. It was fate.

Now let’s break down what is essential for an Evil Queen Disneybound.


This is what the Evil Queens looks like, in case you’ve forgotten. We’re not doing any weird Regina from Once Upon a Time bounding. I no longer binge-watch/binge-critique OUAT. Those dark days are behind me.

Key Pieces for Evil Queen Disneybound:

  • Purple Dress/Black Cape: Yea it was really hard to find a cute purple dress so I opted for a black dress($7) and purple jacket($6) combo. Both of these were found at my local Savers. God bless thrift stores.
  • Red Pendant/Necklace/Cape Clasp: Not sure what this is really supposed to be but I borrowed a red jeweled necklace from my mother to get the point across.
  • Crown: I went back and forth all week on if I should make a crown or just wear a headband. Her crown is so tall and big, I’d feel ridiculous wearing a crown like that at the park and anything smaller will just look like Aurora’s crown. Summer suggested a gold flower crown which I thought was a great idea but then I ran out of time (ugh grad school, am I right?). So I opted for a gold headband.
  • The Apple: I needed something with an apple or a poison apple. Otherwise I was just going to look like a punky emo teen. Read my post about making my poison apple backpack here.

Total Cost: ~$20

It was a great day at the parks with my dear friend. Lots of compliments and we had a ton of fun with the Photopass photographers!

I definitely need to work on my “evil” face though.


This show is terrible.

XOXO Sarah Ashlyn


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