DIY Glitter Shoes

Today I will be teaching ya’ll how to glitter-ize your shoes just like I did for my Flounder Dapper Disneybound.

For my outfit, I really wanted blue, vintage-y, cheap and at least mildly comfortable shoes. This combination is essentially impossible to find so I needed to take matters into my hands.

I decided to up-cycle my characters shoes I bought in the 8th grade. They had served me well throughout my high school theatre/choir days but I’ve long accepted those days are behind me. Also, one of the buckles is broken and they are ratty as hell. So if I ever become a huge Broadway star I should probably buy a new pair anyways.


  • Shoes to be glittered
  • Spray Paint (if your shoes aren’t the color you want)
  • Extra Fine Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Old Paintbrush


Step 1: (If your shoes are already the color you want, move on to Step 2!)


Now I needed these babies to be as blue as can be. And why paint with a paintbrush when you can SPRAY paint? Even though my character shoes are leather, I bought this fabric and vinyl spray paint on Amazon because it was much cheaper than the leather spray paint and my dad assured me it would work the same.


I applied two coats of the white paint first. The paint adhered very well to the leather parts of the shoe, but did not show up at all on the fabric parts. Don’t forget to get the heel and the sides!


After the white was dry, I applied two coats of the blue paint. You might be able to get away with not using the white base because the blue paint was very bright and opaque, but I wasn’t willing to take that chance. The blue paint showed up well enough on the fabric. I tried my best to evenly cover the straps but they were so torn up it was hard.


Step 2: Time to glitter!!!

I spent a long time in the glue aisle deciding between “Gloss” and “Matte” Mod Podge. I’m not sure what compelled me to get the matte in the end but I really liked how the shoes turned out. If anyone tries this with the glossy Mod Podge, let me know how it goes!

Into a paper cup, I poured two parts Mod Podge to about one part glitter. You want a good amount of glitter, but not so much that the mixture isn’t sticky. The consistency should be a bit sludgy.

I painted on two coats of the Mod Podge/Glitter mixture. I used a combination of painting to coat the shoe and dabbing to fill in any gaps.

I finished it off with a coat of just Mod Podge to seal it all in.


Yes I use Priority Mail Boxes as crafting mats. SUE ME

Now this process does make your shoes very stiff, so I would not recommend doing this to any beloved or expensive pair of shoes. After a whole day at Disneyland, I did have some cracking in the toe where the creases in the leather are. However, it was not noticeable from a distance. I would recommend this technique for a one-time use or costume.

I could not be happier with the results and they looked amazing with my outfit! I think next time I’ll try this with canvas shoes and see what happens!


XOXO Sarah


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