Disneybound Days: Dapper Flounder

#tbt to Fall 2016 Dapper Day


This Disneybound inspiration began when I sent my boyfriend a picture of the Danielle Nicole Flounder Purse with the text “When I’m rich I’m going to spend all my money on crap like this.”


Not only does he like to buy me things, he is very supportive of my unhealthy Disney obsession.

After I got the purse, I knew I needed to do a Disneybound and Dapper Day was coming up. I immediately started searching for a yellow vintage dress. But if you didn’t know, I’m currently a grad student that lives at home and whose income relies solely on teaching algebra to 15-year-olds.

In other words, I am broke.

So sites like Unique Vintage or Pin-up Girl Clothing were just out of the question. Even ModCloth was too pricey for me. I checked out local thrift stores but nothing was quite what I wanted.




I ended up buying this dress on Amazon in a medium and it worked perfectly! I’m always hesitant to buy clothes online, especially cheap clothes. I read TONS of reviews and looked at all the pictures and overall this dress seems to be a real hit for only $26ish. There was a little bit too much room in the bust, but I think the small would’ve been too small. I actually ordered a petticoat to go under the dress, but opted not to wear it at the last minute because it made the dress too poofy. I know, I didn’t think that was possible either 

For my shoes, I up-cycled old character shoes. You can read about it here. I bought my “pearl” necklace, bracelet and earrings on Ebay for about $8, I think. I threw the belt on at the last minute after I found it on the floor of my closet.

Total Cost: ~$45ish (Obviously this does not include the purse, which is priceless.)


Dapper Day is one of my favorite days at the park! Emily looked great in her Ariel Dapper Disneybound and we had such a fun time. We spent probably 45 minutes looking for the Blue Wall, but we found it!


I’m still furiously brainstorming for Spring Dapper Day and desperately searching for someone to go with me. Why does everyone I love move away?


Is it because I look like this?


XOXO Sarah Ashlyn


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