Disneybound Days: Gelatoni



Last week my besties and I disneybounded as everyone’s favorite lil’ kawaii furries animals. We took to the parks as Gelatoni, Stella Lou and Shellie May (Duffy had a prior engagement).

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What made this bound even more special for me is I made my outfit. Can you even believe it? Because I’m still in shock that it came together. I really wanted a gray gingham dress for this bound. It proved very difficult to find the dress I was imagining in my head, so I thought, “Hell, I’ll just make it.”


I used Annika Victoria’s Skater Dress Tutorial and the subsequent videos for adding sleeves and adding a peter pan collar. The videos were very helpful and you can make a complete dress without having to buy a pattern!

While I’m pretty pleased with the final result, I might stick to pattern dresses for now. I ran into some fitting issues because, um, I’m a little *fuller* in the front and I ended up with a bodice that was very tight in the chest but loose in the neck, back and waist. It came together nicely in the end but the fit is not ideal. And the sleeves are a little tight. And I accidentally made a small hole in the fabric trying to install the zipper. And the inside is a huge mess. And….

The list of my mistakes and regrets could go on and on. I am incredibly proud of myself for actually finishing this project. I learned so much about sewing and I can’t wait to make more!


Now moving onto the purse….bag….piece of vinyl I added a chain to. I had such high expectations for this project. I thought I would be opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for my bounding game with making my own purses. Turns out making a purse is really freaking hard. Who knew? (Okay probably anyone who is not deluded knew, but I was dreaming big.)

I ended up just hand-sewing around the edge of two Mickey-shaped pieces of vinyl and then using e-6000 to glue a half circle to the back that would act as a pocket. Then, I cut two slits on either sides of the half circle to clip the chain (the chain from my Flounder purse, actually) to. The paint blobs were made from air-dry clay, painted with acrylic paint, finished with glossy ModPodge and glued on with e-6000. E-6000 is god’s gift to this world.

Overall, I thought the purse(?) turned out very close to Gelatoni’s paint palette. Unfortunately, the pocket was not big enough to fit anything except my Annual Pass. And unfortunately-er, no one at the park had any idea what it was. Someone asked me if I used gum….but I wasn’t too offended because that is exactly what it looks like.

I didn’t take any pictures of this process because I was not convinced it would work and I didn’t want documented proof of my failure. I want to try this again for another bound but I’m going to try to make a passholder. I have learned from my mistakes.


Wow, look at all the freckles I never knew existed.

The bow was super easy to make and I’m going to make a separate tutorial for that on another day! Sorry, but I’m just really lazy right now. What are you going to do about it?


This outfit came together better than I could ever have hoped for. I love to plan fun outfits for a day at the park and being able to actually make the clothes is such an extra layer of joy….and complete frustration. But that’s okay! I’m on summer vacation so I have the time to be frustrated.

Also, if you have no fudging clue who Gelatoni is, here is his Japanese origin story. It is so bizarre, but I love it.


Not pictured: My detachable cat tail that I kept dipping in people’s ice cream. (If this doesn’t make sense to you, please read Gelatoni’s story so you don’t think I’m a massive weirdo.)

Thank you to Summer (@summerdoesthings) for these photos.

xoxo Sarah


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