B6453 Dress from Thrifted Winnie the Pooh Sheet

There's Pooh on my dress....but it's all good! A few months ago, Summer and I ventured to our local Savers with the very ambitious goal of finding Disney sheets to make adorable, insta-worthy dresses from. I had set my expectations very low but turns out when you live in essentially Disneyland's Splash Zone thrift stores … Continue reading B6453 Dress from Thrifted Winnie the Pooh Sheet


Disneybound Days: Gelatoni

Last week my besties and I disneybounded as everyone's favorite lil' kawaii furries animals. We took to the parks as Gelatoni, Stella Lou and Shellie May (Duffy had a prior engagement). What made this bound even more special for me is I made my outfit. Can you even believe it? Because I'm still in shock … Continue reading Disneybound Days: Gelatoni