Disneybound Days: Gelatoni

Last week my besties and I disneybounded as everyone's favorite lil' kawaii furries animals. We took to the parks as Gelatoni, Stella Lou and Shellie May (Duffy had a prior engagement). What made this bound even more special for me is I made my outfit. Can you even believe it? Because I'm still in shock … Continue reading Disneybound Days: Gelatoni


Disneybound Days: Dapper Flounder

#tbt to Fall 2016 Dapper Day This Disneybound inspiration began when I sent my boyfriend a picture of the Danielle Nicole Flounder Purse with the text "When I'm rich I'm going to spend all my money on crap like this." AND THEN HE BOUGHT ME THE PURSE. Not only does he like to buy me … Continue reading Disneybound Days: Dapper Flounder